TMG to assess Kenya’s ICT sector enabling environment

TMG Press Release
June 29, 2022

Arlington, VA – TMG was selected by the World Bank to conduct an an evaluation of Kenya’s ICT sector enabling environment, assessing its readiness to support future growth and innovation, and providing recommendations for enhancements. Over the course of the project, TMG will:

  • review and assess the effectiveness of Kenya’s ICT sector institutions, including key ministries and regulatory authorities;
  • review and assess Kenya’s policy, legal, and regulatory framework, including instruments addressing the digital economy, broadband, and communications;
  • conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis; and
  • provide recommendations for the modification of institutional arrangements and a legal and regulatory framework that enables efficiency, innovation, fair competition, and affordability.

Key components of the project will include benchmarking Kenya’s institutions and frameworks against international best practices as well as consultations with sector stakeholders. Ultimately, the project seeks to ensure that Kenya’s institutional, legal, regulatory and policy frameworks are fit for purpose and create an appropriate enabling environment for the continued growth of the ICT sector, digital innovation, and job creation.

About TMG

TMG ( provides customized assistance to a variety of clients in the ICT sector, including current projects enabling innovative technologies such as 5G, submarine cables systems, satellite broadband, over-the-top services, next generation Wi-Fi, and the Internet of Things. Our engagement on contemporary issues leverages nearly 30 years of experience across more than 100 countries advising private and public sector clients on matters including broadband plans, mobile services, and rural connectivity. TMG’s staff develops legal, regulatory, managerial, economic, and technical strategies focusing on issues related to broadband and ICTs, legal and regulatory reform, market analysis, licensing and tenders, and spectrum planning and management. The TMG team is well-known by stakeholders worldwide for its expertise and for delivering thoughtful strategies, detailed reports, sector insights, and capacity-building programs.