Types of Clients

Private Sector

TMG allows companies in all disciplines to tactically and effectively navigate the global ICT regulatory environment.


Regulators and ministries around the world trust TMG’s experience in all aspects of market reform and development.

Global & Regional Organizations

Often advocating for their client countries, NGOs rely on TMG to fulfill the informational and strategic needs of their clients.

Private Sector

A view to the future

The dynamic ICT sector is under constant pressure, with stakeholders introducing new technologies and services at increasing rates. Fast-paced development spurs further industry innovation and development at all levels. When allowed to flourish, ICTs create new gateways for consumers, fostering a digital economy that reaches across sectors—not only do consumers benefit from greater access to communications, but also to financial, education, health, and government services.

TMG designs solutions for businesses to stay at the forefront of their respective industries, as well as expand their markets. Whether entering into new countries or offering new services, our tailored solutions help clients successfully navigate the regulatory landscape for all of their current and prospective verticals.


TMG’s clients reflect the diverse landscape of industries that rely on and contribute to ICTs. Many of our clients are renowned large-cap and mega-cap enterprises, while some are established companies seeking growth and others are startups looking to find their footing. Some of our diverse clientele includes:

  • chip manufacturers and device makers;
  • satellite operators and new space companies;
  • Internet service providers (ISPs);
  • mobile service operators;
  • online service and application providers;
  • broadcasters (both traditional and on-demand);
  • Internet-of-things (IoT) solutions providers;
  • cloud solutions and database operators; and
  • firms covering the ICT sector (investment banks, law firms, etc.).


Promoting innovation

A key tenet of any regulator’s mission is to foster an environment conducive to ICT development and proliferation. While principles such as international standards harmonization and efficient regulatory practices can guide regulators in many of their actions, each country faces its own set of unique challenges. The rapid development unique to this sector intensifies the complexity.

Whether developing new laws or regulations, helping a government set up a new ICT regulator, or providing training and capacity building, TMG emphasizes country-specific solutions that incorporate international standards and best practices. This leads to a more future-proof ICT legal framework that promotes robust market development that can keep pace with consumer demand and competitive pressure.

Country-specific needs
Our understanding of country-specific needs stems from our team's experience undertaking work for over 100 countries.
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International & Regional Organizations

Assistance at all levels

Global ICT markets require a global perspective. TMG advises various international organizations and works with their client countries to develop their ICT legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as to help guide ICT developments around the world. TMG also works closely international and regional industry associations that are active in the ICT space. TMG’s IGO and international/regional clients include, among others:

  • international and regional organizations and banks (International Telecommunication Union, African Telecommunication Union, World Bank, CITEL, IDB, etc.);
  • standards bodies/organizations (European Telecommunications Standards Institute); and
  • industry associations.