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Approach and locations


With a significant portion of our team hailing from Latin America, TMG is intimately aware of the dynamic markets that comprise the Americas. Our experience in this region is further bolstered by our advisers’ past experience working directly for regulators.

Regional engagement

In order to stay engaged in the multi-stakeholder policy process across the Americas, TMG actively participates in the work and meetings of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission of American States (CITEL) and many of its team members are delegation members to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for various countries. Furthermore, TMG regularly produces regional reports covering ICT developments across the region for a number of clients.
Countries & territories where TMG has worked or carried out regulatory analyses within the Americas

TMG’s staff have many years of experience in both government and the ICT industry and have held senior positions in major U.S. and international telecommunications operating companies, equipment manufacturers, government authorities, and regional and international organizations. They are well-versed in ICT trends and strategies, which allows them to effectively assess market conditions and recommend creative strategic directions.

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