TMG Selected by Chile to Assess Feasibility of Submarine Cable Between Asia and Latin America

A consortium comprised of TMG and WFN Strategies was selected by Chilean telecommunications regulator SUBTEL to carry out a feasibility study of a proposed submarine fiber optic cable linking Asia with Latin America. Chile’s government hopes the cable will contribute to efforts to make the country a digital hub in Latin America and to better prepare it for the digital revolution. As Chile’s transport and telecommunications minister Gloria Hutt stated, “Our main objective is to make Chile a Digital Hub of Latin America, a region that has great potential for users and the Asia-South America underwater cable undoubtedly contributes to that.”

The study is split into three key workstreams and outputs. The first primarily comprises a demand study but also addresses the preliminary design of the potential routes, supported by case studies. The second includes a technical analysis and traffic projection for existing and future cables, a study of the prices and current products offered, business case evaluation, and multiple proposed routes. The third and final component details the proposed engineering plan and the public-private partnership model and business case based on the route established in the second component.

The project, funded by CAF – banco de desarrollo de América Latina, will begin this month and continue into 2020.