TMG leads ITU digital regulation training sessions

TMG Press Release
September 8, 2022

Arlington, VA – TMG recently led training sessions on regulatory governance and consumer affairs as part of the ITU’s Global Digital Regulation Training course. The course was designed for ICT regulators, other relevant regulatory agencies, and ICT policymakers. TMG’s participation in the course stems from our ongoing work developing and participating in training and capacity-building programs for clients in the public and private sectors.

The regulatory governance training session addressed the fundamentals of regulatory governance, identifying regulatory authorities’ core purposes and roles while exploring how these roles are shifting in a digital regulatory environment. The session sought to assist policymakers in understanding the continued importance of objective, transparent decision-making processes and how more collaborative, innovative approaches are central to ensuring that the digital economy continues to function effectively.

The consumer affairs session examined the importance of consumer protection and consumer empowerment in a digital environment, as well as the roles of regulators and international bodies in the consumer support framework. The training highlighted specific consumer issues, including traditional issues such as quality of service, contracts, billing, and complaints, as well as emerging issues that are particularly relevant to digital products and services.

More than 70 participants from dozens of countries worldwide joined the trainings, offering insights and exchanging ideas on traditional ICT and emerging digital regulatory issues.

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