Trends and issues in online video regulation in the Americas

A key challenge facing online video stakeholders is that extending traditional broadcasting and pay TV regulation to evolving online video services risks harmful, unintended consequences that may impede development of these nascent services. Trends and issues in online video regulation in the Americas examines proposed and adopted online video regulations in order to identify the trends, issues, and challenges of these developing frameworks. The report highlights key developments and challenges for policymakers, regulators, service providers, and other stakeholders working to develop forward-looking regulatory frameworks that maximize access to content and business model flexibility.

The 40-page report addresses key aspects of online video regulation, including:

  • definitions of online video;
  • benefits of online video services for consumers, content producers, distribution platforms, and broadband deployment;
  • trends in online video regulation in the Americas, including competition, content, and taxes;
  • relevant differences between traditional and online video providers; and
  • regulatory case studies from
    • Argentina,
    • Brazil,
    • Canada,
    • Colombia,
    • Mexico,
    • the European Union, and
    • Australia.
  • Published: June 2021