Guidelines for implementation of IMT in UHF bands

As regulators and operators continue to work to enable the provision of advanced, high-quality mobile services for all users, there is a crucial need for all stakeholders to ensure interference-free operation in border areas. This report presents technical and regulatory guidelines regarding mobile services using harmonized International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) bands. The guidelines are focused specifically on the 600 MHz band but are based on proven methodologies used to deliver co-existence for similar frequencies and are scalable to other new bands as well.

Low-band UHF frequencies such as 600 MHz are characterized by superior signal propagation that provides an opportunity to reduce the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Broadcasters also use UHF spectrum, with digital switchover still underway in some countries. Thus, appropriate technical and regulatory measures that consider all relevant factors must be employed between countries.

This GSMA-sponsored report provides:

  • background on existing experiences in the use of UHF bands,
  • recommendations on 600 MHz band use and the development of bilateral agreements,
  • real-world examples of bilateral and multilateral border agreements, and
  • information on the technical aspects of defining coordination zones.

Published: October 2023